May 4, 2019 – Mental Health Awareness Workshop

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Sponsored by
NAMI Northwoods

Hosted by
St. Anthony Spirituality Center
300 East Fourth Street – Marathon

To register, call 715-443-2236 or e-mail

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Come for one or more of the following sessions – each session will include time for Q&A.

Lunch is available for $15. When you register, please indicate whether or not you will join us for lunch.

10:00 AM Session
Lived Experiences of Mental Illness

Introduction to NAMI. Members of NAMI will share their stories and speak about the stigma surrounding their illness, describing not only the ways that mental illness affects their daily lives but also the struggles they face in the recovery process.

11:00 AM Session
Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training and the Crisis Assessment Response (CART)

Bob Wilcox, Law Enforcement Liaison at NCHC (North Central Health Care) will present new options for law enforcement officers to consider when responding to crisis situations in which mental health concerns play a role.

12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

$15 per person. Please indicate at registration if you will be joining us for lunch.

1:00 PM Session
Promoting Brain Health for Ourselves and those around us

Licensed professional counselors Ashley Miller and Judy Lemke will be joined by Clinical Pharmacist and advocate for mental health education Katie Scarpace in presenting this session. The presenters will not only explore the symptoms of depression and anxiety but will also discuss the coping mechanisms and medication that are available for treatment.

2:00 PM Session
Review of Statutes affecting Emergency Detention

Presented by Scott Corbett, Attorney – Marathon County Corporation Counsel for Civil Matters

To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail