What is advocacy?

Advocacy is “the act of speaking, writing or acting in support of something or someone”.

“Speaking out” doesn’t have to mean giving a speech. It can also mean writing a letter, sending an email, participating in a meeting, or showing up to a rally. There are many ways to make your voice heard!

Why does it matter?

Everyone who experiences mental illness deserves the right mental health services and supports at the right time. With those key supports in place, recovery is possible. To make that happen, we have to let elected officials, the media and the general public know what’s needed.

Latest Updates

How to Make New Housing & Hospitalization Available for the Mentally Ill

From DJ Jaffe, Executive Director - Mental Illness Policy Organization - www.MentalIllnessPolicy.org  Great news! The federal government has just made it easier for your state to expand housing and hospitalization options for the seriously mentally ill. But we have to act fast.The new policy allows states to use Medicaid money to ...
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NAMI Northwoods Wisconsin is an affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness

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